05/29/15 7:17 AM

Dawood Aide Gangster Auditions Models in Court


A gangster facing trial in court auditioned models in the court itself. The shocking incident came into light in Mumbai. The greatness of Indian judiciary system is well known to everyone. It is the responsibility of every Indian citizen to safeguard them. But this gangster shamed Indian courts with his strange act. Going into detail…




Gangster Mohammad Mustafa Dossa has been facing trial in 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case. He is the aide of primary accused in the case, international don Dawood Ibrahim. Dossa who was at Mumbai sessions court for a hearing committed to a shameful act that destroys the judiciary prestige of India. Dossa who fixed deal with a client in Dubai called 8 models to the court. He auditioned them in the court itself and chose 3 of them to send them to Dubai. This senseless incident has created a sensation in the country.




The incident that took place earlier in the month came into light after a model complained to the police. The remaining 5 models were paid Rs. 5 laksh ie., Rs. 1 lakh each by Dawood’s follower Khayyum Uddin. The total amount was stolen by two persons who disguised themselves as policemen. When the models took it to the notice of Khayyum Uddin, he was not bothered about it. Upon this, a 19 year old model who was one among the five complained to police. Mumbai crime branch got into action with immediate effect and arrested Khayyum Uddin, Feroz Mustafa Khan, Mohammad Anwar Ansari who helped Dossa in conducting the audition.

On the other hand, Dossa who was accused in the Mumbai attacks case will be escorted by police wherever he goes. He is never left alone. Auditioning in court in such a scenario is giving way to several speculations. It is being heard that this could not happen without the intervention of police. Mumbai crime branch police started a serious investigation on the matter.


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