04/26/16 3:17 PM

Dawood Ibrahim in Critical Condition


One has to face the consequences of his wrong doings. However much big a criminal is, he will on one day or the other suffer for what he does. Mumbai blasts accused, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is in critical condition now. He is battling life now. He is infected with gangrene which decomposes part of the body. Doctors have already revealed that tissue in his leg has become dead. Dawood is presently undergoing treatment in Liaquat national hospital, combined military hospital in Karachi. Doctors of the Pakistani army hospital say that Dawood cannot recover from the deadly condition due to noncirculation of boold, high BP and diabetes.
They say that the red blood cells are being killed due to no supply of oxygen, that his two legs are already paralyzed and the remaining parts of his body will also soon be gangrened. The situation is as such that Dawood has to be immediately shifted to hospital abroad. Doctors have warned that both the legs of Dawood be amputated. However, Pak army and ISI have not agreed to doctors’ request that the don be shifted abroad.
Dawood is the prime accused in 1993 Mumbai blasts. He was the person who killed thousands of innocent people and left many people handicapped. Indian police have been striving hard ever since then to catch the criminal. But Pakistan has sheltered Dawood.
Dawood ‘s follower Chhota Shakeel denied the rumours that Dawood is undergoing treatment for the dreadful disease. He says that Dawood Ibrahim is perfectly all right.



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