04/14/15 10:14 AM

“Dhoni Will Turn A Beggar One Fine Day”: Yuvraj’s Father

Legendary batsman Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj Singh committed to verbal attack on Team India’s captain M. S. Dhoni as he talks in an interview. “Dhoni, you will become penniless one day and be seen begging on the roads!” cursed the father. He also said that Dhoni was nothing at one point of time and it was the media that gave him the crown that he does not deserve. “Now he is criticizing the very same media. If I was a media person, I would have slapped him right on spot. He was the one responsible for exclusion of Yuvraj from the World Cup” said Yograj. He also compared Dhoni to Ravan in Ramayana saying that Dhoni’s arrogance, pride will come to an end one day just like Ravana’s.

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