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Did Pawan Kalyan Compromise with Chandrababu?

Did Pawan Compromise with Babu



Are you a Pawan Kalyan fan? If yes, then here is a question for you. You watch every movie of the actor, right? Then why did only Gabbar Singh score a hit and some other films of the star that came previously failed continuously? The reason is that Pawan’s films that were made previously were like by his fans alone. Gabbar Singh and Attharintiki Daredi were liked by fans and other audiences as well. That is the reason they were super hits. Pawan Kalyan won’t bag a hit if his fans alone watch the film. In the same manner, Pawan Kalyan will not become CM of AP if only his fans vote. It is only if at least 50% voters want him to, he would be elected. It requires a minimum of 40% voters to vote for him. For this, should Pawan’s behavior be acceptable by most part of public or not? But is he behaving that way? Or is he not? Try to know it. Stop creating issues when someone criticizes Pawan Kalyan just because he is your favorite star. Just stop and think about it for a while. This is an article written for those fans who give it a thought.

The words that Pawan Kalyan spoke addressing media post meeting with AP CM Chandrababu Naidu have infuriated many. Pawan set up his party Janasena saying that he will assert and condemn any wrong doing. While some fans are disappointed to see such a man changing his attitude, YCP leaders comment that Pawan Kalyan is transforming Janasena into a TDP B party and behaving like a TDP spokesperson. Many expected Pawan Kalyan to react to comments made against him after his speech, either through social media site Twitter or in a press note. But he did not. Did Pawan Kalyan make a compromise with Chandrababu Naidu? Or does he have any other idea? Let us have a look at the mistakes committed by Pawan Kalyan.

The very first mistake of Pawan Kalyan is going to Vijayawada for the meeting by a special flight arranged by Chandrababu. This added strength to the gossips that Pawan has been flattered by TDP government’s special arrangements for him. No such thing would have been heard if Pawan went to Vijayawada by his own car. But is he had gone to the place booking a fight by spending own money also, it would not have been great because the impression on a person that he wastefully spends money is not appreciable. Every step counts after a person enters politics.

Second Mistake: Taking part in private meeting with CM Chandrababu. Nobody knows what Pawan asked Chandrababu or what Babu told Pawan. If Pawan wanted to question Babu over something, he should have written a letter to him mentioning all the aspects that come to his mind. In such a case, if Pawan’s letter and Chandrababu’s response letter are released to press, everyone would have got clarity in the matter. But since Pawan did not do so, his confidential talks with Babu have definitely damaged his image to some extent.

Third Mistake: Pawan’s comments on special status are distressing. He saying that he will respond after PM Modi reacts over special status to AP, he does not have the right to set a deadline and that protests will do no good, is not right. Narendra Modi took charge as PM of India about 18 months ago. During this period, apart from special status, government did not even implement the points mentioned in state reorganization act. In such a situation, Pawan Kalyan saying that he will not question Modi then is definitely a not correct. No government does its jobs without pressure from its people. In case Pawan is busy with his film shoots, he could ask his fans cum party activists to take part in protestation.

The words ‘don’t protest, we will be at loss if we protest,PM did not say that he will not grant special status yet’ have degraded Pawan Kalyan’s level to some extent.

What is the reason behind Pawan behaving in this manner? Did he compromise with Babu or does he have any other plans on mind?

Though Pawan wants to indulge into politics on full-scale, he is not daring to. Lacking enough money is one reason and not knowing how to move forward is the other. In pawan’ point of view, Chandrababu Naidu is better when compared to YS Jagan. Either Chandrababu or himself, one of them should be the CM. If there are no good terms between Pawan and Chandrababu, third person Jagan will be benefitted out of it, which Pawan does not want to happen. That is the reason he is associated with Babu. Through timely meetings with the CM, Pawan aims at seeing that government does not commit any considerable blunders. However, it is not easy. Chandrababu’s government is confidentially carrying out its rule. They are not revealing what deals have been made with Singaporean companies for construction of AP state capital Amaravathi. Huge level of corruption is notice over sand reaches and government is recklessly spending money. If Pawan keeps calm in such matters, he also needs to answer along with the government over its wrong doings. Pawan will have to face allegations from opposition that he got share in government’s activities.

So, it is high time that Pawan Kalyan stops private meetings with Chandrababu, arranges a team to identify wrong doings and pressurize government on correcting them. If Pawan does not do so, he will have to face all through this life, the impeachment of compromising with Babu. In case of cinema, if one fails, he could try another one. But in case of politics, if one tastes failure, it is highly impossible that he succeeds later.



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