03/28/16 11:10 AM

Did Singapore Lose Interest in Amaravathi?


Amaravathi, the capital of Andhra Pradesh is planting a seed of doubt in the minds of many. There is suspicion that there is scam behind the capital city. The secrecy being maintained by state government in the details pertaining to Amaravathi, without even furnishing proper details to the central government, is paving way to speculation. Land allotment that is supposed to take place under the assistance of Revenue Minister KE Krishnamurthy is taking place under Minister Narayana, which is raising suspicion, say some. Though opposition is demanding clarity on various aspects related to Amaravathi from the state government, they are not responding. Here are some questions put forward by opposition..

Singapore companies that earlier showed interest in building capital city Amaravathi have now lost interest. Why?

Did Chandrababu who calls himself a visionary go behind Singaporean companies without obtaining clarity from them? One year was wasted due to the Singapore people. Who will take the responsibility for it?

Why is Minister Eeswaran not seen now?

The state government has declared that 900 acres will be sufficient for government buildings. Of the 33,000 acres procured from farmers, 8,000 acres should be given back to them, 7,000 acres for roads, parks and other facilities. This means 16,000 acres will be enough to fulfill needs in the capital city. What about the remaining 17,000 acres?

They said that the capital city will be built in 1.5 crore sft. If we suppose that 1 sft is priced at a maximum of Rs.3,000, the 1.5 crore sft will amount to 4.5 thousand crores. It is said that the center has already given 1800 crores to capital city. Then why are they loaning Rs.6500 crores from World Bank?

Central Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has repeatedly announcing that all the promises in state reorganization act will be implemented. When it is the duty of central government to grant funds for capital city Amaravathi, why is the state government not seeking them? When the center says that it won’t grant funds, that is when the state should go for debt, right? But did the center say NO?

What is the state government going to do with the 17,000 acres land bank? Will it distribute the land to industrialists?

Likewise, there are many more suspicions on Amaravathi. There are doubts that the government is behaving in this manner to provide contracts and capital lands to their families and associates. There is speculation on scam behind Amaravathi. Also they say that this is the reason Singapore companies backed out of Amaravathi.



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