04/7/16 12:26 PM

Did you know this about Chiranjeevi ‘s Son-in-law?


Megastar Chiranjeevi ‘s younger daughter Srija remarrying has been the talk during past few months in the Telugu states. Srija recently got married to her long time friend, US based businessman Kalyan in a grand wedding ceremon at Chiranjeevi ‘s farmhouse on the outskirts of Bengaluru. It is known that this is the second marriage for Srija but the first one for Kalyan Kishan. According to updates from sources, it is observed that this is the second wedding not only for Srija but also for Kalyan. As per reports from film nagar, Kalyan was earlier married to a woman from a wealthy family but the two separated within a few days post wedding because of differences. The two got divorced. Chiranjeevi ‘s wife Surekha and Kalyan ‘s mother have been good friends since quite some time. They have also got mutual friends. At one point of time, the two have felt that it would be great to get Srija and Kalyan married to each other, say sources. As the decision came up, the common friends have carried out further more discussion between the two families and finally directed to the wedding. The wedding has been fixed only after both of them openly discussed their past. It is known that Srija married Sirish Bharawaj in past, against her parents’ will.



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