12/16/15 4:21 PM

Diesel SUVs Over 2000cc Banned in Delhi

diesel suv banned

diesel suv banned


The Supreme Court has banned registration of Diesel SUVs and cars over 2000cc capacity in Delhi till 31st March, 2016 to curb the high levels of pollution in the national capital. Also the SC restricted commercial vehicles from passing through the capital if their destination is not Delhi but some other place. The ban includes SUVs, cars and all private vehicles. “People’s life is at stake and you are interested in selling cars,” said Chief Justice of India, TS Thakur. The apex court has ordered that all diesel taxis and cabs be converted to CNG and doubled the pollution surcharge on them. With this, light commercial vehicles with two axles will now have to pay Rs.1,400 for entering Delhi and commercial vehicles with three and four axles will have to pay Rs.2,600 for each trip for entering Delhi.

Around 23% of cars registered in Delhi run on diesel. Diesel cars can legally emit 7.5 times more particulate matter than the petrol versions and they produce more toxic nitrogen dioxide. Diesel emissions are carcinogenic, says the World Health Organization (WHO). The Supreme Court has passed the following orders:

  1. Entry of trucks not carrying goods for Delhi from NH8 (Jaipur) and NH1 (Punjab) has been banned.
  2. Commercial vehicles registered before 2005 cannot enter Delhi.
  3. All taxis in NCR region to convert to CNG by March 31, 2016.



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