02/20/16 10:20 AM

Dil Raju about Issue with Ravi Teja


Producer Dil Raju who is known for his forthrightness is just as prominent for his common sense, with regards to business. In spite of the fact that he is really very selective about the subjects he produces, Dil Raju ensures his undertakings are financially protected and do not make him run into financial crisis. There were several media reports in recent times which reported that both Dil Raju and Ravi Teja had issues with each other over the remuneration . But it is now finally confirmed that the decision was taken on mutual consent in a healthy environment.

Dil Raju made it clear that it happened on a solid note and there is no such thing like “spat” between them, as it was promoted in the media. He uncovered that Ravi Teja has called him and said that the venture is a hit material, regardless of who plays the lead role in it. Also, Dil Raju further attested that, they would soon collaborate for another film, after obviously working out the financial aspects. Very soon if there is one more interesting subject that suits for Ravi Teja, Dil Raju will not hesitate to take it to the actor.



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