06/25/15 8:57 AM

Dil Raju & kerintha Movie Crew Attacked with Eggs & Stones

Kerintha movie crew had a bitter experience during a promotional activity of the movie. They were attacked with stones and eggs by students in Srikakulam, resulting in chaotic situation. Going into detail…




Producer Dil Raju was in Srikakulam for a promotional activity of Kerintha movie along with its crew which includes hero Sumanth Aswin and other actors. Some local students who got information about their visit to Srikakulam attacked Dil Raju’s car with stones. Also hero Sumanth Aswin was attacked with eggs. Police officers who were informed about the incident reached the spot and tried to take over the situation. Two of those who were involved in the wrong doing were arrested by them.

A reason exists behind the issue. Sources say that students in Srikakulam were aggressed due to degradation of their slang in Keritha movie. They claimed that actor Parvateesam’s character in Kerintha criticizes their language and accent. Producer Dil raju apologized to them for hurting the emotions of students and said that it was not done intentionally. On the other hand, even after Dil Raju explained, three students tried to attack the crew of Kerintha again with eggs. Police officers arrested two of them.



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