04/18/16 10:43 AM

Director Chooses Next after Balakrishna Rejects


Director Krishna Vamsi earlier has missed out the opportunity of directing Nandamuri Balakrishna ‘s 100th movie and also a female centric movie with Samantha. The director who looked like making a solid comeback has ended up struggling again. Now, Krishna Vamsi has no other option except making a film with young hero Sundeep Kishan who is busy with both Telugu and Tamil films. Sundeep Kishan is a busy hero but he is presently going through a tough phase in career. In recent past, he has had no proper hit. Sundeep Kishan and Krishna Vamsi do need a successful film at this point of time. Their combo might sound new but can make a promising mark at the box office. Earlier also, a project in this combination came into discussion. Krishna Vamsi is still in thought process about taking up the project. It is Chota K Naidu, noted cinematographer who insisting Krishna Vamshi to direct Sundeep in his film. Nothing has been confirmed so far and the complete details will be out soon.



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