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DIWALI – The Festival of Lights is Right Here

Diwali celebrations, wishing you happy diwali, deepawali greetings

Diwali celebrations, wishing you happy diwali, deepawali greetings


Diwali, the festival of lights has arrived. Entire India is excited to celebrate the festival that is believed to enlighten lives of people. Festive mood is seen everywhere and the sound of crackers filled the air. The colorful festival begins with Dhanteras, the first day of Diwali celebrations which was on 9th November this year. Diyas are lit up and houses are decorated with lights because Diwali itself means rows of lit lamps. Celebrations of Diwali are witnessed not only in India but also in various other countries where Indians have moved to. There are several myths behind celebrating Deepavali. One mythology that is strongly believed is that of Lord Sri Ram’s. The victory of Lord Sri Ram over evil Ravana and the homecoming of Sri Ram and Goddess Sita Devi is said to be celebrated as Diwali in Ayodhya, which has been continuing every year since then.


Other myths behind Diwali celebrations are.. In Dwapara Yuga (the third of four ages in Hindu scriptures) Lord Krishna’s wife Goddess Satyabhama killed Asura Narakasura.. Pandavas returned home after 12 years of exile.. Lord Mahavira attained Nirvana on this day.. The sixth Guru of Sikhs, Shri Guru Hargobind Singh Ji freed from prison by Emperor Jahangir. There are some stories others as well. Whatever mythology they believe, all people around the country celebrate the festival by lighting up their houses, firing crackers, preparing delicious dishes, especially sweets, purchasing precious ornaments and idols of Gods. Lakshmi pooja is offered and fireworks begin. Children are most excited to burn crackers after the pooja. Why wait? Let us get started with the celebrations of auspicious fun-filled festival of lights. Be very careful while lighting crackers. See that your joy does not trouble kids or aged persons. And keep in mind to clean up your surroundings after you are done with fireworks. You know, Swacch surroundings are for your own good! May the festival bring health, wealth, prosperity and success to all.. Korada.com wishes all its viewers a very happy Diwali.

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