11/18/15 3:16 PM

Doctor Pulls Baby’s Body from Womb; Head Separates




A mother admitted to a hospital for delivery had to face a very bitter experience. Gynaecologist who was supposed to carry out the delivery had been so barbaric that due to her act, the infant’s head got separated from her body and the head was left in mother’s womb. Going into detail, when a pregnant woman was admitted to a hospital in Rampur district in Uttar Pradesh for delivery, a gynaecologist named Dr.Tayyaba Iqbal conducted delivery. Being a breech birth, the baby’s legs popped out of the mother. The irresponsible doctor tied limbs of the infant with a rope and tried to extract the remaining part of her body from the mother’s womb. That was when the baby’s head got parted from the remaining body being unable to tolerate the applied pressure. Then the doctor dumped the body of dead infant in a dust bin and started to conduct surgery to remove its head from the mother’s womb. Knowing the incident, many people gathered and protested in front of the hospital.

“The patient was a 35-year-old resident of Ahmadnagar-Tarana village. She had been admitted on Saturday for delivery of her baby. She went into labour on Sunday evening, and the doctor on duty found it was breech birth – with the legs emerging first. The doctor attempted to deliver the baby by tying its foot with a cord and pulling”, said Joshna Pant, Chief Superintendent of the district hospital. A case was lodged against Dr.Tayyaba Iqbal and a nurse who was on duty at the time of delivery. Both of them are absconding at present. It is known that a similar incident occurred in August in a government hospital in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The negligence of doctors is killing innocent infants, leaving their families to sob.



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