10/23/15 4:20 PM

Dogs that Show Utmost Discipline

Elders say that tiny ants teach us great discipline. But dogs in this country proved that they also lie in the same category. The sense of discipline shown by dogs in a dog academy managed by police in China will leave us spellbound.

The dogs in this China Dog Academy are so disciplined that they do not fight for food like other dogs do. In fact they are more organized than humans in this matter. Dogs here form a queue, holding their food bowls in their mouths, waiting for their turn to arrive. One dog after the other takes its meal in its bowl.




A black Labrador leading the other dogs stood first in the queue in the picture. Behind the leader, German Shepherds are spotted one behind the other at a distance of 1 foot away from each other. Apart from training the dogs, police at China dog academy are teaching them discipline. A photo of the scene was posted over social media by People’s Daily, which has now gone viral over the internet.

However, disciplining dogs is not a new thing. The border forces in Finland, in 1941, trained their dogs the same way. The trained dogs can be seen forming a queue and waiting for their turn in the picture.





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