04/28/15 9:47 AM

Don’t be Shocked! Megastar Wrote an Article…


Chiranjeevi, the Megastar of Tollywood (ofcourse termed ‘trickster’ by a few) who set up Praja Rajyam party with service as goal, love as path and later merged with Congress party believing power as goal, merger as path has written an article supposedly the first time ever. He discussed NDA government’s drama for special status and Chandrababu’s inanimate functioning in an article that he has written to ‘Andhrajyothi’. At the time of division, he said Chiranjeevi said that they have fought so that Andhra Pradesh is not at loss and also that they even got many assurances. Modi has also iterated them during election campaigns but did not accomplish any of them, he said. “Chandrababu exhorted that he will resign from NDA if Narendra Modi was not made the Prime Minister. But why does he keep a cool head when injustice is being done to our state?” affirmed Chiranjeevi.

Most of the points mentioned by Chiranjeevi in his article were true except one. He has written that ‘it was because of Congress MPs’ pressure that special status concept was added to Division act schedule 13’ but the ‘special status’ concept does not exist in that act. On 18th January, it was Lok Satta leader and ex-MLA JP discussed special status in assembly for the first time. He requested for special status being offered to Rayalaseema and Uttarandhra regions. None of the Congress MLAs spoke about the idea. Once the act passed from Lok Sabha to Rajya Sabha, the then PM announced ‘special status’ upon Venkaiah Naidu’s pressure. Covering all this up and writing that it was all due to congress MPs would be manipulation of history.

Excepting the one lie, rest of the article is good. Chiranjeevi writing an article atleast now is appreciable. Being the member of Rajya Sabha, why doesn’t Chiranjeevi along with Jayram Ramesh, Jediseelam and others ascertain the government in the upper house? Why don’t they protest in Rajya Sabha till an announcement is made? He would be accredited by people if he does this for them.

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