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’Dont Trust Modi’-AP People’s Letter to Bihar Voters

'Dont Trust Modi'- AP People’s Letter to Bihar Voters

'Dont Trust Modi'- AP People’s Letter to Bihar Voters


Dear brothers and sisters of Bihar, greetings from people of Andhra Pradesh..


In the context of nearing assembly elections of your state, we would like to share our experiences. We are writing this letter to explain the the betrayal done to us after last elections.


In 2014, assembly elections were also held along with Lok Sabha elections in our state. Just before elections, our state AP was unjustly divided without even a state capital. BJP and Congress totally sabotaged us. We are deprived of capital now. Revenue generating Hyderabad is not ours’ anymore. They gave us a state drowning in debt. That was the time when the present Prime Minister and the then PM candidate from BJP, Mr. Narendra Modi ji came to our state for election campaigning. He assured to offer a helping hand to us. He promised a capital much eminent that Delhi. We swear on God, he made many more promises.

We trusted Modi ji and voted for him. We all supported TDP-BJP MPs. Since the entire nation developed faith in Modi, they voted for him and Modi became the Prime Minister. Modi utterly failed to fulfill the promises he made to us. Not even what was mentioned in state reorganization act was given to us. Assembly elections for your state are soon going to be held. So, Modi’s focus is currently on your votes. That is the reason special package was announced for Bihar. In case you believe it will be put into action, you fall in Modi’s trap. Why is a special package announced for your state now ie., 14 months after Modi became PM of India? You know that it obviously is for your votes and not for you. We, the people of AP understood that Modi treats people only as voters. You please do not vote for Mr. Modi trusting his words regarding the announced special package. It is a package for fetching votes and not for granting you currency notes. As Indians, we are bringing to your notice the betrayal and injustice done to us. Rationalize your thoughts before you could vote.



Betrayed Indians,

People of Andhra Pradesh.


(We will soon try to translate the article into Hindi and see that it reaches people of Bihar.)


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