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Don’t Watch Jabardasth TV Show Along With Children


“It is true that I attended a function of Srimanthudu. Producers of the film are my companions. I attended the function because Srimanthudu comes with great message of adopting villages. But unlike you, I have never the judge of a TV show like Jabardasth that is spoiling kids”, said Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao in reaction to YCP leader Roja’s comments she made while discussing Rishiteswari’s suicide case in assembly that Minister Ganta has attended audio function of Srimanthudu. He gave a quick reply to Roja on the very same day at assembly media point. She fired on the Minister saying that Jabardasth is a comedy show that entertains all sections of people. Putting their words aside, is Jabardasth really spoiling kids? Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao’s point gives a cue.




Jabardasth…Presently a super hit TV show telecasted on ETV. This show came as a kind of relief to our Telugu audiences who were vexed with the depressing and never-ending serials. Jabardasth initially entertained audiences with innovative scripts but as days passed by, it turned out to be a kind of adult program. Double meaning dialogues, sex jokes, illegal affairs of wives and husbands and degradation of women (Venu was bashed up or degrading women of a particular caste in an episode) is what Jabardasth is all about at present. It can clearly be understood that Jabardasth is not a program that could be watched by a family. If any of you are fans of Jabardasth, watch it alone. The reason is, as Ganta said, it could create a negative impact on minds of kids and students. They may be entirely deviated after watching the show. Young minds and hearts will be poisoned due to this kind of vulgar programs. You will have to hold responsibility for spoiling your child’s future if you allow them to watch it. Please do not encourage them to watch such programs.

Roja might have supported the program as she is the judge of it but she also faces inconvenience when indecent jokes are cracked over her. It is absolutely true that some episodes of Jabardasth were totally based on jokes cracked over Naga Babu, Roja and Manager Edukondalu. A dialogue in an episode of Jabardasth says “Roja alone has the guts to set up an affair with someone while she has a husband”.. This kind of dialogues cause discomfort to Roja who is into politics. She face this kind of lewd comments countless number of times in Jabardasth. However, she masks her inconvenience with sportiveness and gives a fake laugh at it. Also, as she is paid high remuneration, she has to laugh at whatever comments participants make, which include jokes over her as well. Management should try to correct this by justifying to what extent causing trouble to judges is right.

There are many comedy shows that produce laughter with healthy comedy. They do not give the feel of adult shows.. Clean comedy shows wherein limitations are followed. Such shows can definitely be watched by families happily. They are appreciable and may also be considered as inspiration by Jabardasth team. Finally, comedy should be entertaining. Filthy jokes and all other nonsense should not be included just for gaining high ratings. It should be healthy. It is to be noted by ETV management that such vulgarity will not be entertained by audiences forever.



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