11/10/15 11:27 AM

Drunken Driving – 12 Months in Jail; PD Act




Hyderabad police are getting ready with much strict measures against drunk drivers. PD Act is under discussion for implementation in the city. Presently, weekend drives are conducted in areas by policemen of respective police stations. Database consisting of details like name, address, car registration number, driving license etc. of drunk drivers caught by police will soon be centralized so that any policeman can know the details and also how many times  and in which places the person was caught driving drunk, and to what extent he consumed alcohol while. Police officials who access the database through technology will evaluate entries related to a person who is caught driving drunk repeatedly or committed accidents, and implement PD act accordingly. With this, officials are in plans to implement a punishment of 12 months in jail for the drunken persons.



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