10/5/15 5:57 PM

Global Warming Will Alter Earth’s Shape




A study by University of Columbia revealed that global warming can alter earth’s shape. It said that global warming will lead to melting of ice glaciers at the North Pole. “Antarctica is warming up, and as it moves to temperatures above 0-degrees celsius, the glaciers are all going to start moving faster, We are already seeing that the ice sheets are starting to move faster and should become more erosive, digging deeper valleys and shedding more sediment into the oceans,” said Michele Koppes, Assistant Professor at University of British Columbia, who headed the team that conducted this study. Researchers observed glaciers in the Antarctic Peninsula and Patagonia over a period of five years and noticed that glaciers in Patagonia melted faster than those in Antarctica due to warm temperatures. These faster moving glaciers effect the climatic changes in polar region and they have impact on dams, fresh water resources and fisheries, said the study. Global warming would lead to disaster. So, it is high time that we all start doing our part to save the planet.



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