04/14/15 11:28 AM

’ECG’ Review Report Of S/O Satyamurthy


Korada.com prestigiously presents the new ‘E.C.G’ (Evaluating Cinema on a Graph) analysis for the first time ever… for reviewing and rating a movie. Rating is provided in ECG process by considering the movie in intervals of 5 minutes. Score will be allotted based on response of the audiences every 5 min; whether they are excited, bored, applauding, impressed or irritated in that interval of time. The final review is presented in the form of a graph. The process demands each movie to be watched atleast twice or thrice sometimes. korada.com has resolutely determined to accomplish the task following each movie release.Many sites give ratings and reviews without properly watching a movie. Producers who invest crores of money on good movies are also liable to huge loss because of such reviews. The policy of E.C.G by korada.com is to provide clean and clear-cut reviews to the public.

The E.C.G report for Allu Arjun’s latest release S/O Satyamurthy follows.



In ECG process, numerical imply the following.

0 : dull/ fail/ boring

1 : audience should be patient

2 : smooth flow of the cinema

3 : audience are engaged

4 : entertaining script & screenplay

5 : applausive/claps

It is observed in the above E.C.G that graph swings between 2 and 3. No graph in 1-2 and 4-5 indicates that the movie is ‘not boring’ and of course does not give you the ‘wow’ feel too. There are applaudable dialogues in S/O Satyamurthy but no extra-ordinary scenes. There is no scene in the movie that sticks audiences to a particular emotion, be it laughter,emotion or thrill atleast for 5 minutes. Final rating that can be awarded to the movie is 2.5.

Please send us your valuable feedback to mail@korada.com. Share ideas and help improvise the new E.C.G analysis initiated by korada.com. You may also comment on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/koradanews.

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