05/9/15 7:10 AM

Eenadu’s Silence about Lokesh




Eenadu is dealing TDP young leader, Chandrababu Naidu’s son Lokesh’s matter with utmost care. It is observed that Eenadu newspaper that does anything to gain good image for Chandrababu is delivering news in Lokesh’s case with care. Even the news about Lokesh’s meeting with Obama, Eenadu has published the press note and pictures provided by TDP’s media cell but not of its own. The news of Lokesh-Obama meeting that has to be highlighted is given no importance at all in Eenadu (Andhrajyothi as well) because… News that Lokesh would be meeting Obama in a fund-raising dinner and that anyone who purchases a 10 thousand dollar ticket to take part in the dinner could speak to Obama for a minute has been heard over social media. Eenadu and Andhrajyothi might have have felt that it would be defaming Lokesh to publish news that he met Obama at such an event. That is the reason this news was not seen on the cover page of both the newspapers. However, the tour that Lokesh went on for bringing foreign investors to AP and to get help of NRIs for Smart village project is appreciable.


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