12/8/15 2:55 PM

Employees Earning More Than Rs.1cr Per Annum




Employees of popular companies are paid pretty well. Salaries which were once in lakhs of rupees have now become crores. 23 employees working for popular e-commerce website Flipkart are earning more than Rs.1cr per annum. Flipkart management paid Rs.476 crore salaries to its staff the previous year.

Mekin Maheswari, Chief People Officer at Flipkart, has received Rs.18.73 crore as salary during the year 2014-15. The amount of salary Mekin Maheswari is being paid is greater than what Hindustan Unilever MD Sanjeev Mehta, ITC Chairman Deveswar and other top executives are paid.

During the previous year, 169 executives in Hindustan Unilever, 123 in Infosys, 70 in Wipro have drawn salaries greater than Rs.1 crore. This year, as many as 500 employees working for e-commerce companies have drawn more than Rs.1 crore salaries.



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