01/1/16 1:07 PM

Even-Odd Policy in Delhi From Today


The even-odd policy has come into effect in national capital Delhi since this morning. Kejriwal’s government decided to take the step to curb pollution in the region. Today, on 1st January, vehicles with odd registration number are only supposed to be seen on roads. Only those vehicles will be allowed to move about in the city. Policemen blocked a man with even registration number on car, who tried to access road, and fined him.

Meanwhile, Delhi CM Kejriwal announced that ministers will either travel by government vehicles or by cycles today. Delhi Tourism Minister Kapil Mishra said that he will use his two-wheeler today.  Another Minister Imran Hussain announced that he will travel by auto-rickshaw since his car registration number is even. Social welfare minister Sandeep Kumar will be travelling by bus.

With the even-odd policy in implementation, residents in Delhi can bring their cars on road only on alternate days. However, there is exception for female drivers and VVIPs. If others break the rule, they will have to pay fine of Rs.2000. Traffic Policemen and 7,500 volunteers are assigned for the job.



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