04/29/15 7:19 AM

Everest Avalanche Video Generates YouTube Tsunami

Earthquake in Nepal triggered Avalanche sweep on Mount Everest. Massive earthquake hit the base camp at Everest. A few mountaineers who set up their base camp on Mount Everest panicked as they realized as the highest peak was prone to quake all at once after the natural disaster first struck Nepal. While many started running as they noticed tremors in the ground and snow,rocks & ice headed towards them, a few gathered courage to shoot the calamity. A video showing huge wall of snow coming towards mountaineers and their camp being destroyed was shot by them, which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday. It received tremendous response within 1 hour. YouTube viewership has been on a rising note every hour since the video has been uploaded. View count has reached 1 crore in past 24 hours.


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