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Excessive Internet Usage – High BP in Teens


When internet is used excessively, it increases risk of high blood pressure in teens, say researches. When study was conducted on teenagers who used internet for atleast 14 hours a week, their blood pressure levels were high. The study was conducted on 134 teens and 26 heavy internet users suffered high BP. Excessive usage of internet lead not only to high BP but also to anxiety, obesity, addiction, depression, revealed researchers. Internet usage mentioned in the study includes visiting web sites, e-mailing, instant messaging, playing games, doing homework, shopping, downloading software and creating or maintaining webpages. 39% of girls and 43% of boys are heavy internet users, say reports.




“Using the internet is part of our daily life but it shouldn’t consume us. In our study, te ens considered heavy internet users were on the internet an average of 25 hours a week,” said Andrea Cassidy-Bushrow, a researcher at Henry Ford’s department of public health sciences. “It’s important that young people take regular breaks from their computer or smartphone, and engage in some form of physical activity. I recommend to parents they limit their children’s time at home on the internet. I think two hours a day , five days a week is good rule of thumb,” said another researcher Cassidy Bushrow.


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