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Facebook, Flipkart & 28 Top Firms Against Google

case on google by cci

Leading firms like Facebook, Flipkart, Make My Trip and 27 others added weight to complaints filed against Google by Competition Commission of India, mentioning that the US-based search giant abused its top position in the market. CCI Director General filed a complaint over Google based on responses obtained from 30 leading firms to its queries. In the complaint, CCI accused Google of tricking the actual search results and also the sponsored ones and ranking its’ results. Nokia’s Maps, Bharat Matrimony, Microsoft and several other social networks, e-commerce websites, travel sites and others supported the complaint.


case on google by cci


Google is supposed to file response to the complaint by 10th September. It should make presence before a 7-member panel headed by Chairman Ashok Chawla one week after submission. Final decision made by this commission may be challenged in the Supreme Court. There is possibility that CCI imposes a fine of 10% of Google’s income if the search giant is found guilty by the commission. The net income of Google in 2014 is greater than $14 billion on revenue of $66 billion.

(Source: TOI)



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