11/19/15 4:15 PM

Facebook Thinks I am Terrorist: Isis


isis facebook acc


Isis Aanchalee’s name has caused trouble. ISIS is the acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The pronunciation of ISIS (/ˈaɪsɨs/) matches that of the girl’s name. Social media site Facebook which thought that Isis Aanchalee is an ISIS terrorist deactivated her account. Aanchalee is a Software Engineer in San Fransisco. When she tried accessing her Facebook account last week, it showed the message that the account had been deactivated. Aanchalee saved screenshot of the message and posted it over Twitter, questioning Facebook team why her account was deactivated. Her tweet against Facebook is mentioned below. Facebook responded quickly to Aanchalee’s tweet and reactivated her account on the social media site. Facebook team explained to her that the mistake occurred while deactivating fake accounts and was not intentional.



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