08/3/15 8:44 AM

Fake Baba Attempts to Rape Woman in Ranga Reddy




A fake baba who tried to rape woman in Ranga Reddy was beaten up by locals. The incident took place in Ranga Reddy district’s Thoru Mamidi village of Bantwaram mandal. A person named Raheem reached Bantwaram from Karnata 6 months ago. He continued a fortune teller for some days in a small space. A woman approached the ‘Baba’ to know her husband’s where-abouts. She told him that her husband went missing 3 years ago and that was when the baba asked her to come back at night. The woman along with her mother went to Raheem Baba last night. Asking the woman’s mother to stay outside, he called the lady to come inside. He then misbehaved with her and tried to sexually assault her. Villagers who got to know this about the Baba attacked and bashed him up. They later handed him over to police.



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