07/15/15 9:19 AM

Film Actress Gang Raped


A Marathi actress became victim of gang rape. In the incident that took place in Paithan Taluka, a man was arrested. The actress who belongs to Mumbai suburbs is acting in movie titled Lohanpan. Shoot of the film was taking place in Aurangabad since three months. Actress took part in the shoot since the beginning. Aurangabad police mentioned that the incident took place when the actress went to collect her remuneration.




As per police records, the 21 year old actress met director’s friend to collect her remuneration. The man who took her to Paithan to give her the amount raped her along with 4 other men.  Based on the actress’s complaint, police said that they arrested one person.

A local director Anand Maghde asked a friend Govind Chitlange for an actress to act in his film. So, Chitlange brought an actress from Mumbai for his film. Shoot took place in Ambad for two months but the actress was not offered a single penny. So, she approached Chitlange to ask for her remuneration. That was when he tricked her, took her along with him to an abandoned place in Paithan and assaulted her along with 4 other men. Police officials arrested Chitlange and are in search of other men.


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