05/26/15 11:16 AM

Fined for not Wearing Helmet in a Car!




A person was fined by traffic police for not wearing helmet while driving his car. The strange incident took place in Meerut, after which the victim approached higher officials. The incident that took place on Sunday lately came into light. Going into detail…

A person named Shailender Singh(43) was travelling by his Maruti Suzuki Swift in Hansapur area and that was when he was interrupted by traffic police. When asked by the police to show documents of car and his license, Shailender Singh showed them all to the officer. But the police officer did not let Singh leave, after which argument started between the two. The traffic police then asked him to pay fine for not wearing a helmet. The strange incident has resulted in chaos in Meerut.

As victim Shailender Singh spoke about the incident, he said that the official did not let him go even after he showed him all demanded documents. He reportedly pleaded the officer to let him go as his 4 month old son was sick at home and he had to rush to hospital. He alleged that the official fined him for not wearing helmet in car. He said that he had never heard any rule like that. The victim said that this is a very unjust act and that was why he took it to the notice of Senior Superintendent of police(SSP) Dubey.

But the argument of traffic police Shivraj Singh is in the other way round. He said that Shailender Singh was on phone while driving the car and there was a mistake held while writing the challan. SSP Dubey ordered an inquiry in the case. Dubey said that in case traffic police is proved wrong, action will be taken against him.


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