02/15/16 4:10 PM

Five Shows per Day: T Government


The Telangana government has finally decided to r start issuing awards for the film artists. The Andhra Pradesh government, before the bifurcation of state, has given away Nandi Awards but now, the T government is contemplating the change of name for these awards. The government along with the cinematography minister has met few biggies from the industry and has talked about the possibilities in the development of Telangana state. Especially, 2009 onwards Nandi Awards were criticized a lot. The government of Telangana feels that Nandi Awards lost their credibility and is so thinking of making major changes to it now. Also, both straight and remake films are to be considered for the awards. It is revealed that the government is planning to confirm five shows a day which might benefit small budgeted films. KTR also strongly confirmed the same and revealed that they will be making final decision by Ugadi this year.



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