YCP leader Jagan has been accusing TDP government saying that it is intentionally making false allegations against his party members. They said that when girijan YCP MLA Giddi Eswari warned of beheading out of rage, they filed cases under several sections against her and that TDP government is making false allegations against YCP MP Mithun Reddy. YS Jagan stated that he will make Mithun Reddy resign if it is proved that he manhandled Airport official, failing which he said, CM Chandrababu should resign from his post. National media house India Today has got the footage of the assault that took place on 26th December. It is clear in the video clip that Mithun Reddy’s followers thrashed the official.

Going into detail… YCP MP Mithun Reddy had a dispute with Tirupathi Airport Manager named Rajasekhar in the matter of protocol. One of Mithun Reddy’s relatives was supposed to board a flight at Tirupathi Airport. But the passenger arrived late at the airport and boarding was closed. MP Mithun Reddy demanded the airport manager that his relative be allowed to board the flight. When Rajasekhar told Mithun that it is against rules and he would not do it, the YCP MP was infuriated and he gave a call to his party MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, who came down to Airport along with a gang of followers. They all punched the official and bashed him up. Mithun Reddy and Bhaskar Reddy’s followers manhandling Rajasekhar, police coming to the rescue of the official and making him sit in a different place was all recorded by India Today.

After news about the assault came out, when media persons asked Mithun Reddy about it, he said that he did not manhandle anyone and moreover, there was no official named Rajasekhar at the airport. Later, he simply lied that the Airport manager behave harshly with them but he later realized and asked for an apology. Rajasekhar who was attacked by the mob is still in bad shape. He is in bed due to multiple fractures. When a reporter of India Today tried to speak to Rajasekhar, he was afraid and refused to speak out. The only words he told them is that his lawyer told him not to address media about the incident. Mithun Reddy is presently in Delhi for attending sessions of Parliament. Jagan said he will make Mithun Reddy resign from his post in case the assault is proved to be true. So now, Jagan’s response to the footage showing YCP MP manhandling airport official is most awaited.

Watch the footage below:





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