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Free Basics: Conspiracy That Ruins Small Businesses


Free Basics is the concept that Facebook seeks support for from everyone. Free Basics is presently the hot topic on newspapers, TV channels and social media since Facebook is aggressively promoting. Netigens are equally opposing the concept saying that free basics is against net neutrality.

What is net neutrality? The freedom of internet users to access any legal website or web service without interference from service provider is net neutrality. The ISP does not control data traffic that passes from their servers to the end-user devices. If operators decide what content or website you could surf, it is against net neutrality.

What is Free Basics by Facebook? If you have a reliance mobile network connection, you can use Facebook and a few other websites suggested by Facebook, free of cost.

What are the disadvantages of Free Basics?

Free internet may seem like a good idea but it severely affects small businesses and entrepreneurs with fresh and great ideas. In one way, free basics hinders development of India. It blocks way for young, new business persons. It controls media. It will emerge a force that has control over the entire country.

Since internet is available free of cost, many could be attracted towards free basics. But numerous web portals that could not make agreements with Facebook will be shut down.

How will free basics affect young entrepreneurs?

Let us suppose there is a big e-commerce portal xyz.com for booking travel tickets and that the portal signed an agreement with Facebook. So, this portal has made it to free basics package by paying royalty in huge sums to the social media site. This portal will now be available to all Facebook users. So, the business will go greatly. Consider a young entrepreneur like Phanindra Sharma started a better portal like redbus.in with innovative thoughts. However much intelligent he is and however hard he tries, this young businessman can never compete with a portal like xyz.com because he could do it only by joining free basics, which means he should pay huge sums of money (crores) to Facebook. It will be highly impossible to do so after investing thousands on website and developing it by putting in his mind and thoughts. In case a service provider already initiated Free Basics in America in the past, Facebook might not have emerged. Just in case it did, it would have shut down because of tough competition from Orkut and Twitter.

Severe Loss to Social Media

Under the name of Free Basics, Facebook provides space to the portals that pay huge royalty to it. Agreement with Facebook is possible for big corporate organizations but it is highly impossible for common people. With this, corporate media will strengthen and web media falls in the hands of corporates.

Overall analysis derives the conclusion that Free Basics is a conspiracy that ruins small businesses and drags poor people to much poorer levels. So, there is a need to oppose free basics by Facebook in the country!




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