06/15/15 10:56 AM

Gang Rape Victim Punished with 200 Lashes

A 19 year old woman was out to meet a friend. She was kidnapped by a group of people who raped her. Court surprisingly punished the rape victim with 90 lashes. As the woman felt that this is idiculous, she approached a higher court, which imposed punishment of 200 lashes on her along with imprisonment for 6 months. The strange incident took place in Saudi Arabia. Going into detail…


200 lashes


A 19 year old woman went to meet a friend to collect some photographs. Two persons who saw her with her friend kidnapped and raped her along with five other men. The court imposed severe for the seven men and also the woman in the incident that took place in 2006. Court ordered 90 lashes with a whip for the woman because as per Shia laws, in Saudi, no woman is supposed to leave her house without a man, who should be his relative. Since investigation revealed that the woman was with her friend who was a guy, the woman was punished. The General Court surprised everyone by increasing the intensity of punishment from 90 lashes to 200 and also imposing 6 month jail imprisonment for the woman. The reasons behind this punishment are the woman speaking to media regarding the rape and her lawyer openly saying out the judgement pronounced by lower court. Disciplinary charges were also taken against the lawyer.

Inspite of aiding the rape victim, Saudi court punishing the woman has gained criticism all over the world. America and England has expressed displeasure over the verdict but Saudi government did not bother. It made clear that everything will be done as per their Shia laws.



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