05/23/15 11:11 AM

Gay Matrimonial Ad gets Response from all over the World

wanted gay for marriage

wanted gay for marriage


Gay matrimonial ad given by a Mumbai based Padma Iyer for her son Harish is getting huge response from all over the world. The advertisement has attracted 73 grooms, said Padma Iyer. One of them who approached belongs to Abu Dhabi and promised them a bungalow, also many others responded from UK, Australia, America, said the mother. However, she mentioned that most of those people who responded to the matrimonial ad were Iyers and also that a few Gujarathis and muslims responded. This ad has gone viral on social media sites facebook and twitter Harish expressed displeasure that three English magazines refused to publish his matrimonial advertisement. He reminded that the very same magazines published a lot about gays and their rights.

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