08/8/15 12:29 PM

’Geetha is Our Daughter’ Claim 4 Families

geetha 4 families daughter

Geeta is the Indian girl who is stuck in Pakistan for over 14 years. 4 families claimed that the deaf and mute girl is their daughter, which made situation tough. Four families from Punjab, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh claimed Geetha to be their daughter. Under this context, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted seeking co-operation from governments of these states to find actual parents of the girl. Geeta conveyed to Indian messenger through signs and actions that they were eight children and they all went to a temple once, Sushma tweeted. The foreign minister said that they are trying to bring Geetha to India as soon as possible.


geetha 4 families daughter


Geetha went missing around 14 years ago and reached Pakistan. She is sheltered by an NGO. She expressed her wish to come back to India. It is known that Geetha revealed her desire after release of Bajrangi Bhaijan.







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