02/3/16 10:30 AM

GHMC Elections Survey Results


Greater Hyderabad Election poll is done. Results of GHMC elections are awaited. But there was not much interest found in voters of the election. Only 45% eligible persons utilized the right to vote. Survey results state very clearly that the ruling party TRS which won majority of the votes will win the Mayor ‘s position. In the opinion poll conducted by TV5, it is estimated that TRS will win 81 – 85 positions. Neither TDP nor BJP could make it to the second position in GHMC election survey results. While TV 5 says that MIM will win 41 positions, HMTV mentioned that the party would win 32 or 33 of them. TV says that TDP will win 25 to 30 positions and HMTV says it will be 25 to 30. While both TV5 and HMTV say that the Congress party that has announced separate Telangana and is very strong with 30 Chief candidates will remain with single digits, TV9 mentions that the party will win 8 to 10 positions. All channels have clearly said that the TRS party will be at the top position.


Also in a survey conducted by NTV many days before GHMC elections also said that TRS will win majority of positions.





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