01/4/16 4:23 PM

Girl Gifts Her Kidney to Boyfriend


An England woman stood an example of true love by gifting her kidney to boyfriend and is now being appreciated by everyone for the act.

Jack Simard (49) lives in Manchester in New Hampshire State in England. He had been suffering from Kidney ailment since long time. He had a kidney transplant done 19 years ago with the one provided by his sister. Jack’s girlfriend Michelle LaBranche who recently got to know about his kidney problem immediately reached the hospital where Jack was undergoing treatment and informed doctors that she will give her kidney for Jack.

Doctors decided to transplant Jack’s second kidney right before Valentines’ Day. “I believe that he is my future and I just want to help him live a healthy life,” LaBranche said. “I need a transplant and she turned out to be a perfect match,” said her boyfriend Simard. Michelle and Simard are both golfers who met for the first time at Stonebridge County Club during last Summer fell in love with each other.



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