09/18/15 5:48 AM

Girl Inspired by ISIS Beheading Kills Own Mother


A 15-year old girl who was inspired by Islamic State activities, with the help of her husband, killed her own mother. The murder took place in Denmark. The girl was sentenced to prison for the murder she committed in last October. According to details disclosed by police, Tina Romer Holtegaard resided in Denmark along with her husband and twin daughters. Lisa (15), one of the twins fell in love with a man named Bhaktiar Mohammed (29) of Iraq, which the girl’s mother did not like. With this, the mother and daughter argued regularly.




Lisa often watched ISIS videos. She watched ISIS beheading videos of British people David Haines and Alan Henning. Lisa and her boyfriend also decided to move to Syria and fight for ISIS. One fine day, Lisa brought a knife from her kitchen and stabbed her mother Holtegaard around 20 times. She rang the police and informed them that a man stabbed her mother and ran away.

Police filed a case and started investigation. During this course, they found finger prints in their kitchen, which matched with the finger prints of Lisa’s boyfriend Mohammed. The two were arrested by police. Denmark Court sentenced Lisa to 9 years and her boyfriend Bhaktiyar to 13 years in jail. Also, the court ordered police that Bhaktiyar should be banned from their country after is punishment ends.



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