09/15/15 5:35 AM

Girl Tied, Harassed & Gang Raped in Delhi


An incident that took place in Delhi proves that the place is not safe for women even during day time. When 11th standard girl was out for morning walk, two young men abducted and gang raped her. They harassed her brutally. This incident reminds us of the horrendous Nirbhaya gang rape once again.




As per details disclosed by police, when the girl student came out of her house in Amaan Vihar in Delhi, two men named Naushad and Mohammed stopped her, kidnapped and raped her up in their house. They then tied the girl’s hands and legs and put cloth in her mouth in order not let her voice reach out. Since the girl did not return home, her parents started searching for her.

When a house was locked but light inside was ON, neighbors who found it suspicious broke the door open along with the girl’s parents. Naushad had rented the house. When the group of people found the girl in that house, they bashed up Naushad and Mohammed. They tonsured them both and handed them over to police. Delhi police filed case against the two and started investigation.



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