01/19/16 2:14 PM

Girls! Be Careful!!


This is an alert to all girls who upload their photographs on Facebook. Some hackers are collecting pictures of beautiful women and girls available on Facebook and selling obscene morphed images to porn sites and using them for sex chats. Cyber security experts revealed that an ethical hackers group in Kerala is trying to crack it down. They mentioned around 40% females in India are their victims.

They are stealing photographs not only from Facebook but also by clicking pictures of women at bus stops and other public places using smart phones and cameras. These pictures are sent to admin of Facebook page, who posts it on the page. A team of 15 white-hat hackers of Kerala Cyber Warriors was formed and they created atleast 70 Facebook profiles and several pages for sex chats.

“This is the biggest online threat we face today. Criminals are copying and saving pictures of female users on social media. They are using pictures of attractive women to entice users to connect on sex chats. There are several such active pages, but cops are barely doing anything to take them down,” cyber crime expert Kislay Choudhary, who has worked with Delhi and Noida Police several times. From December 28, 2015, we have hacked over 70 profiles and dozens of pages. Our aim is to delete the objectionable pictures and posts which are tarnishing the image of innocent girls,” said a hacker.

Around 11 people have been arrested so far in the case. A model and her husband were also arrested for online sex racket. So, girls! Be careful!!


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