10/15/15 11:26 AM

Even Gods Wear Helmet, Why Don’t We?

Even Gods wear Helmet


Road accident is most awful thing to happen to someone. It just ruins a person’s and his family’s future. Some become physically handicapped, some die and some others get totally paralysed. Most unfortunate thing is that we do not intend learning from our mistakes. Most users are well aware of general rules and safety measures to be taken while using roads but it is only the laxity on their side, which causes accidents. It could be over-speeding or drunken drive; whatever the reason is, one’s mistake ruins lives of many. Taking all such matters into consideration, the ‘Indian Head Injury Foundation’ posted a 3D video on YouTube.

The video mainly aims at inducing road safety measures so that vehicle users, especially 2-wheeler motorists are not prone to accidents. The video was designed to remind motorists to wear ‘Helmet’ while driving. Maha Vishnu, Goddess Dugra, Lord Ganesha start travelling on their vehicles Garuthmanth, lion and mouse. They just stop for a while and restart the journey. The motive is to explain to public that Gods themselves sport helmets (big crowns) as a safety measure. They why don’t we?!




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