09/22/15 3:03 PM

Google Launches Online IT Degree in India

google android nanodegree

google android nanodegree


Search giant Google has launched online IT degree courses in India.  Google teamed up with Tata Trust and online education company Udacity with the intention of providing courses online on how to build apps for Android operating system. Rs.9,800 is to be paid to learn Google’s Android Nanodegree Course, which has duration of 6 and 9 months. Soon after graduation, half the tution fee paid will be refunded to students. Google instructors from the United States will be teaching lessons. Google and Tata will offer scholarships to 1,000 members who join the Android Nanodegree course online. Google announced that those who hold this Android Nanodegree will be called to attend a job fair hosted by Google next year.



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