08/12/15 5:26 AM

Google to launch Android Phone @ Rs.3000




Google is making new plans to rule smart phone market in India. Google will soon be launching an android phone priced at Rs.3,000 ( around $50). Anandan Rajan, Vice President & Managing Director of Google, South East Asia & India announced about the low-budget mobile phone and that being priced between Rs.2,000 and Rs.3,000, this device will attract mediocre families. Google is expecting huge income by launching mobile phone whose price lies between Rs.2000 and Rs.3000. ‘India is a huge market with 100 crore population., of which only 20 crore people are presently using smart phones, which says smart phones have not reached around 85 crore people in the country’. In order to attract those 85 crore people, Google is launching smart phone at such low prices. Due to the above reason, Google says that India would be a great market for mobile phones. These low-budget smart phones will be released through android one platform in India.



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