08/13/15 9:06 AM

Google Vs Microsoft

google vs microsoft

Will a Cyber war spring soon over the internet? Yes seems to be the answer. Technology giants Google and Microsoft having Sundar Pichai and Sathya Nadella as CEOs might inevitably compete with each other. Sundar pichai was reportedly given the position to rule over Microsoft CEO Sathya Nadella on Internet Financial system.

Microsoft was once the king of technology because Microsoft Operating System was a mandate for a computer to run. Nokia was the ruler during time of basic phones. Nokia was washed out with the coming of smart phones and the position is conquered by Samsung. The usage of Internet began over smart phones. Since Samsung incorporates android OS, which is a product of Google, Microsoft lagged behind.


google vs microsoft


In order to regain its lost power, Microsoft purchase Nokia that was on the verge of bankruptcy. Incorporating Windows Operating System on Nokia and naming phones as Lumia, Microsoft enetered smart phone market. But the response was not satisfactory.

Microsoft’s Sathya Nadella tried to implement IOS used by Apple but IOS works only on Apple mobile phones and not any others. Now, the challenge before Sathya Nadella is to beat Google, say analysts. Sundar Pichai was the person who designed Google search engine and most part of Google Chrome. Internet will rule the world in future. Operating System and Hardware are main elements for this. So, there are chances that the two technology giants could fight for this market.

Considering Apple… it is out of the race because Apple is unrelated to mass market. This market consists of Google and Microsoft. Sathya Nadella had launched Bing Search Engine from Microsoft. One out of every 5 users use Bing for Internet search. Microsoft Windows 10 OS was launched recently into the market and it was said that it will give a great experience. Now coming to Pichai, he brought Gmail, google maps and android into the market. Majority of the smartphones use android operating system. So, Microsoft and Google are both trying have most share of internet financial system for themselves. In coming days, it would be Nadella vs Pichai (Microsoft vs. Google).



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