08/1/15 10:16 AM

High Court Fines Female Congress leaders




Delhi High Court shocked two female Congress party leaders who are not only residing in government bungalows against rules but also accused government with wrong allegations. Ambica Sony and Kumari  shelja served as ministers when the most corrupt UPA-2 was in power. They were allocated ministers’ quarters (called Type-8 bungalows) during that time. But Congress had been washed out by voters for the incredible service it had done to them. That was when ministers of UPA had to vacate the bungalows allotted to them. With a lot of difficulty, some ministers were made to vacate their bungalows but Ambica Soni and Kumari Shelja did not. Instead of vacating bungalows, they approached Delhi High Court alleging that the present government is forcing them to vacate bungalows out of the grudge they have for the UPA government. The HC that conducted hearing on their petition ordered them to vacate those quarters allotted to them and move to type-7 quarters. The two female Congress leaders who are residing in the wrong place and alleged complaint against government were fined Rs.25,000 by HC. We have to wait to see whether this dosage is enough for them or they will go to the Supreme Court for more!



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