07/16/15 7:18 AM

Govt Operations from Rajahmundry during Pushkaram: Chandrababu

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AP CM Chandrababu Naidu made clear that the government operates from Rajahmundry till the end of pushkaram. Meetings for ministers will also be held in Rajahmundry, said the CM. Babu visited the Goshpada Kshetram in Kovvur. Later when the addressed media, Chandrababu said that he will reside in Rajahmundry till pushkaram comes to end and that the team coming from Singapore to discuss construction of state capital Amaravathi will also meet him in Rajahmundry. Having learnt lesson from the unlucky incident that took place on the first day of pushkaram, we are taking proper measures to avoid any inconvenience that devotees could face and also to avoid repetition of any such situation, said the CM. Since the crowd that will visit Godavari will increase in coming days, Chandrababu said that he ordered much more safety measures for the devotees.



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