12/9/15 11:27 AM

Green Tea Lovers Be Careful!




Green tea has got profound craze in past few years. People are more conscious about their health now-a-days and this is driving them to consume green tea. They are putting aside coffee and tea and having green tea. Especially those who diet will definitely have this in their menu since coffee contains caffeine, which might aid gain weight. Consuming tea in more quantities leads to acidity attack. So, green tea stood a healthy replacement to tea and coffee. Doctors have also been suggesting green tea since it cuts down cholesterol and reduces weight. However much healthy a product is, it is beneficial only when it is used limitedly, failing which, it would give adverse effects. Same is the case with green tea as well. Researchers are warning that consuming more than two cups of green tea will put you in trouble.

Green tea also has some content of caffeine. Researchers say that consuming four or more cups of green tea leads to accumulation of caffeine in our body. When pregnant women take more than two cups of green tea, there is possibility of abortion of baby, they say. It has been found in a study that when polyphenols present in green tea enter our bodies beyond acceptable levels, they block growth cells that resist cancer in our body. When green tea is consumed on empty stomach, it results in gastric and liver related issues. Researchers say that tannins present in it will block absorption of iron into the body.

In a survey conducted by researchers in California University, though green tea showed no effect on humans, it worked against germs. Green tea leaves should great impact on reproduction of these microorganisms. So, it has found that the product that we think is extremely good is also dangerous. There are chances that the impact it had on microorganisms is possible on humans as well, say researchers. They suggest that even natural products are good for us only when consumed in limited amounts. So, better not have more than two cups of green tea in a day.



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