07/8/15 8:03 AM

Gudumba Alert in Telangana; Lakhs of People Killed


This is a bitter truth. Aasara Pension scheme is one of the schemes initiated by Telangana government soon after separation of state from AP. As per sensational news published in an English magazine, half of the widows who applied for pension through the Aasara scheme had lost their husbands due to consumption of Gudumba (illicit toddy intake). While as many as 13 lakh 12 thousand widows applied for pension, it was found that about 6.71 lakh women of them lost their husbands due to consumption of Gudumba.




Mahbubnagar district stood first on the list with more than 1 lakh victims. Next comes Warangal with 74 thousand people, then Nalgonda with 71 thousand. Those women aged below 30 years, who lost their husband and are unable to fulfill the responsibility of bringing up their kids are 38 thousand in number in Medak and Palamuru districts. Lakhs of people lost their lives consuming Gudumba in all 10 disricts. In Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy also deaths were witnessed.

In order to eradicate the production of illicit toddy in the state, government itself is taking steps to start production of Gudumba. T Government has allotted the responsibility of designing regulations and procedures to Excise department. On the other hand, KCR’s government has already granted permissions to open the shut-down toddy shops. Though several Women’s Welfare Organisations and People’s Organisations put forward that women are facing severe inconvenience as the toddy shops are located amidst houses, KCR’s government is paying no attention to them. Reports revealed that 45% of the income of a family is spent on purchasing alcohol. In a door-to-door survey conducted recently by Telangana government, it has been revealed that 8.29 lakh women are single. Remaining women are the widows of farmers who committed suicide. Also they belong to those who died of illness or in accidents.

Though the problem is so intense, there is no response from the T government. KCR’s government that is making strategies for Golden Telangana is not even concerned about poor people’s lives. Making liquor a source for increasing the economy of state is sick!



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