09/14/15 8:39 AM

Guests Fight on Live TV Show


A big fight was witnessed amidst live discussion on a TV channel between guests. While Live show was going on one side, two guests who attended the program fought with each other. Their fight video has now gone viral over social networking sites.




What actually happened was IBN 7 channel conducted debate over controversial self-proclaimed God Woman Radhe Maa. The show was attended by self-styled Godman Om Ji of Hindu Mahasabha, self-proclaimed astrologer Rakhibai and Deepa Sharma. Rakhibai criticized Godwoman Radhe Maa. Om Ji who was against this commented that Rakhibai should first correct herself. Rakhibai was furious on listening to his words and fired on him. Then Om Ji said that he passed the comments addressing Deepa Sharma. With this, angry Deepa walked upto him, smacked him on his shoulder and slapped the Godman for lack of respect for women. Om Ji also slapped Deepa Sharma in the face. Channel staff tried to calm the both down. The video of this scene was uploaded by Network18 News President Umesh Upadhyay mentioning, ‘The honourable guests are not expected to do this’.



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