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Gujarat 13 Year Old gets Pregnant due to Greed of…?

FreeVector-Sad-Girl-Portrait-gujarat 13 year old

Here is an example of the level of addictions and avagations in children these days. Desperation to lead a hi-fi life has ruined a 13 year old girl’s life in Gujarat. A girl who has to spend her teenage happily, got pregnant. Going into detail…


FreeVector-Sad-Girl-Portrait-gujarat 13 year old


A 13 year old girl living in Subhanpura of Vadodara became pregnant. The girl’s mother was shocked on hearing the news. When she got to know the actual reason behind it, the mother was abashed. The reason behind the girl conceiving is that she got into prostitution. The aghasted mother tried to explain to her daughter that prostitution is immoral and illegal but there was no result. She sent her teen daughter to maternal uncle’s house in Anand. But the girl warned her mother that she will commit suicide if she was not called back home. That was when the mother intimated about the girl to Abhayam, an NGO in Gujarat by dialing 181 seeking help, after which the incident came into light.

Reason for Choosing Prostitution:

A female counsellor in Abhayam NGO during the counselling session asked the girl the reason for choosing prostitution. The counselor was stunned on hearing what she revealed during the session. She said that her friends owned many costly and high end gadgets and she desired to have some of her own, that was why she chose the path. The 13 year old admitted that she used the vacant house before her mother returned from the grocery shop. I called customers using a secondary secret phone, said the girl. She had many electronic goods, latest gadgets and mobile phones with her, on seeing which the counselor was amazed.

Mother sobs as her dear daughter takes the wrong path

The girl was actually adopted by her parents. When she was an infant, her parents adopted her in Anand and moved to Vadodara. Three years ago, her father passed away and her mother is leading the family. The mother admitted that she was unable to concentrate on her daughter’s activities lately due to increased responsibility of supporting her family. She is sobbing as her daughter who was very dear to her chose the wrong path. The mother is suffering endless pain. Psychologists are cautioning parents that they have to be attentive and constantly monitor what their children are upto.


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